Chris Home has 39 years industry experience and 10 of those years serving Vancouver Island. In 1978 he became the first commercial installer for Creative Doors Calgary and was then their trainer for new installers as well as troubleshooter for problems on all doors and products, salesman for new doors and products.

After subcontracting from Creative Overhead Doors Chris accepted a subcontractor proposal with Ultralite Doors.  He then decided to start up Chestermere Garage Doors.  Creative Doors Service called on Chris to consult on special projects while Chris was subcontracting at Creative Doors.

For a time, he was working strictly on home renovations prior to moving to the Island and starting a new company, Warmland Garage Doors. When this company first began, the first project was a complete house restoration /remodel and building a suite in the basement, bringing existing structures up to code and fixing structural issues and complete restoration with new windows, doors, etc.

Chris has an exceptional ability to visualize the build prior to starting, he incorporates a lot of creativity into the design process and can visualize space and storage to use space to the best ability. He prides himself in being able to fix other people’s mistakes, rebuilding and repairing existing and turn it into better than new condition. He’s not about short cuts, he’s about doing it right. Doing it right the first time, saves time, money and a whole lot of frustration.